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Justification by Faith Alone: Just Because

I love you just because. Ever since I knew it was possible to love you I have. Since the beginning I’ve known no end. My love simply is. I will always cover you, protect you, encourage you, and relish in the sight of you being you. You are mine and I am yours—forever. I love…

Current Essays

These essays first came to light as presentations to Faculty and Friends, a Seventh-day Adventist Sabbath morning church group I’m lucky enough to call family.

Vote. It Matters.

Vote. It Matters. A lot of us grew up with the notion that one should never bring up the topic of religion or politics in any gathering of people if you want to keep things civil. I disagree. While, I’ve never been one to advertise my political affiliation or views via bumper stickers, pins, or…


It’s Love

(An edited version of the homily I gave at my cousin’s wedding) Life is full of adventure.  You never really know what lies right around the corner.  The best we can do is to live life with both feet in and our eyes and heart wide open. If we are lucky enough to find that…


“Good Boy” or Not

(Originally written in response to an email I received disrespectfully titled: He Wuz a Good Boy) My prayer each day includes thanking God for the people, friends and family, who make my life meaningful and good. It also includes asking for the strength, courage, and the love I need to live each day in the…

Recent Blogs

Conversations for change. As one sword sharpens another, so too can we sharpen each other with a meaningful exchange of ideas about how to bring a little more heaven on earth now and for our children later. So, jump in! Join the conversation. I want to learn from you. Be in community with you. Change the wind with you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend! Love is in the air and I can’t think of a better topic to kick off my new blog/essay website than LOVE! Love is what makes the world go ‘round. Love is what makes the impossible possible. Love is what talks us from the ledge and takes us to the mountain…


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